Dekatu Scoring is a New York-based boutique music house specializing in artistically driven marketing campaigns.


We have produced the score for pieces by Hourglass, ILIA, and Air Company.Music is a direct line to the soul, and we see advertising as an artistic opportunity to create a sonic story that inspires the world. We use nature, technology, and emotion to write music that enhances concepts.


We are not just a music company. We are storytellers at heart.Dekatu Scoring inspires the world to feel by taking compelling narratives from our collaborators, and expanding upon them in non-conventional ways to most exceptionally tell their story through music and sound. We specialize in music for advertising for luxury brands that have an artistic approach to their vision.Co-founded by film composers Alex Wakim and Juan Dussán in 2020, our sound is grounded on the fundamentals of dramatic storytelling and refined musical taste, encompassing a wide variety of styles and artistic avenues.


With his experience working in some of the major NYC-based ad music houses, Juan Co-founded his own, Dekatu Scoring. Dussán is an award-winning compos­er for film, television and media based in New York City. Highlights of his music for independent films have screened at major film festivals in the US and Europe. His collaborations with filmmakers are key to better tell relevant stories through music.


Co-founding Dekatu Scoring was a natural step in Alex Wakim's musical journey. Growing up surrounded by Lebanese parties, French albums and musicals by Legrand, opera, the great scores of Desplat and Williams, and opportunities to perform plenty of classical and jazz piano, Wakim's unique musical tastes have led him to explore fresh avenues in writing for the screen and the stage.

Let's Work Together

Dekatu Scoring was built on the love for collaboration: we seek brands that share those values.To add exceptional value, we believe that any kind of sonic story should have artistic qualities that stand apart from the rest.